Sunday, October 17, 2010

Zombie Britannica by Thomas Emson

Zombie Britannica
Pages (Paperback): 350 pages
Publisher: Snowbooks
Released: August 1, 2010

Description: Cassie's day as a guide at Westminster Abbey begins badly when zombies storm into the building and eat the tourists. Carrie escapes - but finds London choked with the undead. She has no idea where they came from, no idea how to stop them - all she knows is she has to race through dangerous, gore-soaked streets and find her daughter. And her day doesn't get any better...

Review: This is the fourth book I've read by Emson, there werewolves are gone, the vampires have vanished. The big bad supernatural creature haunting the UK are zombies. I do love zombies, but this book lacked the same hard hitting intensity as the previous books. Yes it was graphic and fast paced, but for some reason it didn't translate here as well as it did with his previous books.

Grade: 7 lines out of 10

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