Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eon by Alison Goodman

Pages (Paperback): 544 pages
Publisher: Firebird; Reprint edition
Released: August 31, 2010

Description: Sixteen-year-old Eon has a dream, and a mission. For years, he's been studying sword-work and magic, toward one end. He and his master hope that he will be chosen as a Dragoneye-an apprentice to one of the twelve energy dragons of good fortune.

But Eon has a dangerous secret. He is actually Eona, a sixteen-year-old girl who has been masquerading as a twelve-year-old boy. Females are forbidden to use Dragon Magic; if anyone discovers she has been hiding in plain sight, her death is assured.

When Eon's secret threatens to come to light, she and her allies are plunged into grave danger and a deadly struggle for the Imperial throne. Eon must find the strength and inner power to battle those who want to take her magic...and her life.

Review: Eon isn't a new story, and yet, the plot, the Asian setting, and the characters were refreshing and fun to read. Eon's struggles were my favourite part, but also the most frustrating. I wanted her to open her eyes, but then again her situation kind of made that hard to do. The book does end in a critical moment, so you'll have to read Eona to find out what happens next. I can't wait!

Grade: 9.5 lines out of 10

Thank you to Penguin Canada for providing this book for review.

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  1. Not sure that book is for me, but I bet my son would love it.

  2. Been wanting to read this for ages! Nice review, it sounds like a very intriguing book :).


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