Thursday, August 5, 2010

Prey by Thomas Emson


Pages (Hardcover): 469 pages
Publisher: Snowbooks Ltd.
Released: November 1, 2009

Description: Laura Greenacre's enemies, the Templetons, have scoured the earth for her since the horrific events at Trafalgar Square eight years ago.

And they think they've found her.

Ruth Templeton, now a werewolf herself, leaves a trail of carnage across Europe as she makes her way to New York. Russian cop, Lev Dasaev, is hunting the brutal killer of a Russian pimp. The trail leads him to America. To the lair of a madman called Wheeler Burns.

And when Burns joins forces with Ruth Templeton, Dasaev and Laura face annihilation...

And the ultimate hunter becomes the ultimate prey.

Review: After reading Maneater, Skarlet, and Prey, I have to say that Prey is Emson's best work yet. The writer is cleaner, the plot is better, and Laura is still as bad as ever.Watching the difference between Ruth and Laura was a treat, especially in the manner in which each lady tries to seek revenge. Ruth is heartless, but I love it! This is Emson book yet. Can't wait to read more from him.

Grade: 10 lines out of 10

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